Successful Disembarkation of PCL Chief Engineer Amid Stringent COVID-19 Restrictions


We recently managed to successfully disembark our Chief Engineer from our vessel, Rising Himeji in Singapore. Now, he has arrived in Kuala Lumpur safely and serving home quarantine.

It was with MPA's great support and assistance that he was finally able to sign-off and was accommodated on one of the POSH vessels until he could board his flight home. With the COVID-19 restrictions imposed by countries, it is common for many maritime companies to face global challenges in disembarking their crew after the completion of their contract. Our Chief Engineer had previously handed over his relief and was waiting for a port to allow his disembarkment for nearly two months.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore for their assistance and PACC Offshore Services Holdings Ltd for their hospitality. They have allowed us to witness a great example of how the maritime sector can work together during a pandemic to overcome the challenges faced by companies and seafarers.

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