Celebrating International Women’s Day


8 March is a day specially dedicated to honouring women all around the world. The theme this year is 'Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.' At PCL, we offer equal career opportunities irrespective of gender. Today as we celebrate women’s achievements, let us share with you quotes from our female staff ashore as well as at sea.

“With more organisations promoting gender equality at the workplace, female seafarers are empowered to push for positive changes in a male-dominated industry. It is encouraging to see more women pursuing a career in maritime and continue to thrive in their roles amid the pandemic,” Nurul Atiqah.

“In the past, women’s accomplishments have been understated. Today, we can see more women demonstrating resilience and adaptability in their leadership careers across the industries. I believe that when women band together, we are able to portray a larger voice and shine in our roles as we navigate challenging times ahead,” Anna Nicole Tan. #PacificCarriersLimited #PCL #MaritimeSG

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