Employee Engagement 11 – 14 July 2022


It has been more than two years since our last physical employee engagement event. Transiting into the ‘new normal’, PCL and POSH have convened in Manila for a Townhall and sea staff seminar from 11th-14th July 2022.

During the Townhall, PCL CEO Mr. Hor Weng Yew and Fleet Director, Capt. Lee Chee Seong shared the Company's recent developments focusing on key highlights in the business, talent management and operational arenas. Undaunted by the headwinds during the pandemic, our people have gone above and beyond the call of duty. CEO took the opportunity to celebrate staffs’ stellar achievements and pay tribute to their tireless efforts and extraordinary contributions. Their commitment to delivering exceptional results at work is well appreciated by the Group, particularly staff who received the KSL Spot Award. It was a meaningful sharing session and the post-event dinner fostered stronger employee engagement. The Executives’ presence at the townhall served as a morale booster to propel the staff to strive for continued growth.

Mr. Hor, Capt. Lee and POSH COO Mr. Ulva Chai set the tone for the seminar after a round of rousing welcome speeches. Pertinent topics were discussed avidly including key highlights on the importance of operational safety and driving operational excellence, ESG, etc. Our business leaders also weighed in on the forward-looking direction and outlook of the KSL Maritime Group and how we could align our coordinated effort to build a sustainable, green future together as One Team.

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