PCL Sea Staff Engagement 2022


Before the year comes to a close, PCL's senior leaders including its CEO Mr. Hor Weng Yew, Fleet Director, Capt. Lee Chee Seong, Senior General Manager of Fleet Management, Mr. Tan Kian Chai and General Manager for Tanker and Gas, Mr. Rohit Radhakrishnan attended the staff engagement seminars in Manila and Jakarta.

PCL has delivered strong performance to cap off a year of significant progress as Mr. Hor delivered updates on the Company's financial performance, strategic direction and vision as well as the operational focus in the new year. Our senior executives were also present to share transformational shifts in the industry and business environment, and the importance to adapt to changes in agility.

Ensuring safety and operational excellence is central to the ethos of PCL and our people have always been a part of our journey of growth and the key enabler of high performance. Broader market volatility may continue through 2023, we believe our dedicated team at sea and ashore in tandem with our entrenched core operational reliability will continue to help us navigate new challenges, drive growth and deliver value to our stakeholders.


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