Sea Asia Exhibition Opening


The much-anticipated Sea Asia Exhibition kicks off at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention, 25 – 27 April.

PCL is celebrating its Golden Jubilee this year and for the first time, we are participating in the Sea Asia exhibition together with Kuok Maritime group of companies of PaxOcean Group (PaxOcean), PACC Offshore Services Holdings Ltd (POSH) and Pacific Workboats Pte Ltd (PWPL).

Today, we take this opportunity to unveil our 50th Anniversary logo as it makes its debut appearance in Sea Asia at our booth in Hall E, B2 J11. Our specially-designed 50th Anniversary logo signifies the celebration of our Golden Jubilee, commemorating a remarkable journey of significant milestones, collaborative partnerships and meaningful experiences. It is also a reflection of our history with the incorporation of the funnel mark. Throwback to January 1978, the funnel mark design was created by KSL Chairman Ean Kuok and Captain Oleg Olsson. The alphabet K was embedded within as part of the arrows to represent progress. Ikan Bilis was the first ship to embark on her voyages displaying our funnel mark while transporting cargoes to ports around the world.

The colours used are symbolic; blue represents the sea and yellow represents energy. This 50th anniversary logo embodies five decades of achievements, growth and success and is a tribute to our people and partners who have made this journey worthwhile.

Stay tuned and we will bring to you more updates on the Sea Asia event as well as PCL’s 50th Anniversary events!

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