PCL Supports the Digital Vision & Sustainability Programme (DVSP) Organised by SSA


PCL is proud to be one of the esteemed sponsors of the Digital Vision and Sustainability Programme (DVSP) organised by the Singapore Shipping Association. The theme for the four-day workshop, “operating a sustainable shipping  business”, echoes our vision to progress towards a green and sustainable future.

We are glad to be an avid supporter for SSA's work to drive sustainability within the maritime industry and to have participated in the workshop. Diverse perspectives, challenges, thoughts and aspirations were exchanged at the workshop and new friendships were formed. We are energised by the discourse and ready to achieve more in sustainability through collaborations and innovations with maritime and non-maritime partners!

Congratulations to SSA on the successful workshop and we look forward to more collaborative opportunities to accelerate our continued effort in sustainability.

Photo Courtesy of SSA

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