PCL A Co-creator of Innovation Opportunities in Smart Port Challenge 2022


The annual Smart Port Challenge (SPC) is here again! Organised by PIER71™, the challenge invites global start-ups to innovate solutions for real challenges in the maritime industry.

PCL has put forth our challenge statement in SPC 2022 and strongly encourages start-ups to dive into new collaborative opportunities with the participating maritime corporates to build Singapore’s maritime ecosystem. Our CEO Mr. Hor Weng Yew, who was the Chief Judge in SPC 2021, has reviewed innovative MarineTech solutions from the finalists and PCL is working with some of the start-ups on pilot projects. We are confident that SPC 2022 will continue to draw high-calibre participants and we look forward to receiving incisive proposals. Start-ups are important partners in our continuous endeavour to explore new technological solutions to fortify our digital agility and stay on top of the competition.

Once again, PCL is excited to partner with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, NUS Enterprise and other industry players to drive digital transformation in the maritime industry.

Visit https://pier71.sg/spc/pcl-data-transmission/ for our challenge statement.

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